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  Black & White Platinum
Publisher: Feral Interactive | Rating: Teen | Product Code: 8

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Black & White Platinum Pack contains both the original Black & White game and the Creature Isle expansion pack.

Black & White is a god game. Packed with strategy, it gives you control of the destiny of an entire world. You must use your godly powers to rule over and look after your people. As you do so they pray to you and worship you more and more, and you use this power, this belief to carry out Miracles and to extend your influence over the world.

You must impress other tribes to get more followers, and as your zealous power base grows you are faced with innumerable challenges. The people will pray to you to help them, make them rich, harm their neighbours of simply make their lives easier. Whether you choose to listen to them or help them is up to you.

Creature Isle. When you and your Creature are ready, journey to the Creature Isle - the home of a Brotherhood of astonishing new Creatures. They want yours to join them and share their miraculous powers, but first he?ll have to complete their many, various and fiendish trials.

If he succeeds, your Creature will be faster, fight better, learn to cast new Miracles, master sports, and even discover love and the joys of parenting!

Mac OS 8.6

333 MHz or faster G3/G4

128 MB of RAM

500 MB of free disk space

4X CD-ROM Drive

OpenGL? compatible 3D graphics card with at least 8 MB of VRAM

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