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Cards, Mahjongg & Solitaire (2009)
Three all-time favorites! Enjoy hours of fun playing the best Card, Solitaire and Mahjongg games of all time. These games are great for kids, teens and adults. You'll find the quality of Masque games to be better than what you currently have! ... More Info.

Dr Tool Brain Jogging Vol 2
Seriously, you did not really believe that one game of Brain-Jogging would be sufficient to keep your brain sharp, did you? A smart trot is not bad, but breaking into a gallop is better... More Info.

Dr. Tool Maths Trainer
How well do you handle math problems? Calculating becomes fun (again) with ?Dr. Tool? Maths Trainer?. There are three difficulty levels and there is also a training mode that sets you up to become ready for the tougher challenges. Besides the first... More Info.

Dream Pinball 3D (MAC)
A great pinball game should not only be amazing from the start, but should continue to be entertaining every time you play it. This was the thinking behind the development of the newest pinball sensation - Dream Pinball 3D - with its? 6 cutting edge... More Info.

Masque Arcade & Puzzle Games
Hundreds of levels, colorful characters, mind bending puzzles and plenty of arcade action make this a must for all computer gamers. Challenge your friends or track your own high score as you try to become a master at each game. Games Included: ... More Info.

Masque Card Games
Three difficulty levels and a collection of children's games provide fun for all ages, kids to adult. Includes special themed decks and backgrounds for all children's games. 2D and 3D card views available for all games. Card Games: * Canasta ... More Info.

The Legend Of Rome
As an architect, you can recreate the great buildings of the eternal town to shine in a new splendor. Build a Colosseum and a harbour for the citizens of Rome and do not forget social amenities like constant water via an aqueduct or thermal springs... More Info.

The Legend Of The Tolteks
In The Legend Of The Tolteks you return to Quetzalcoatl?s Empire to rebuild the town Toll?n. Among the people of Toltec were many versatile craftsmen, great artists, and talented architects. You need to acquire all those skills to become a master of... More Info.

World Class Poker with T.J. Cloutier
2 CD's filled with in-game expert play recommendations, loads of scenario tips, and numerous quiz questions with thoroughly explained answers, all from the world's winningest poker player, T.J. Cloutier. The replay mode allows you to see all your... More Info.

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